Thursday, October 17, 2013

Horrors of October 2013 - Sector 7 (#17)

Sector 7 (2011)

Say, do you like watching people talk about how much they love drilling for oil in the ocean without further elaborating why because that would require characterization? Well, there is a Korean horror film for that, named SECTOR 7, referring to an area that falls between the jurisdiction of Japan and Korea and believed to contain copious amounts of untapped petroleum. A small group of oil rig workers wish to extract it but their poor results causes them to shut down operation. That is until an old guy, who's the uncle of a tomboy employee dubbed "Hard-Ass", arrives and asks for a couple more months, where they then hit the stock. That was anti-climatic. Oh, and a mutant creature has suddenly sprung forth during some stormy weather. Tedious and highly moronic, this failed ALIEN clone is one of the worst Korean blockbusters ever devised. The twists are easier to spot than the identity of Jason in the fifth FRIDAY THE 13TH movie. Characters don't behave rationally; one minute, a female scientist is having a slow conversation with a loser with frightening facial damage that needs to be tended to immediately, the next has our hero standing still while someone else is flailing with the monster for a good two minutes and in need of assistance. The acting is a range of low bars, from pathetic to obnoxious to flatter than paper. But my god, the worst offender is the CGI. The makers didn't want to work on an available or derelict rig so they instead use green-screening for a great percentage of the film. The chroma-keying is so laughable transparent, particularly during the motorcycle chases. Yes, I mean chases because there are many times where an actor is clearly on a bike, stationed in one position, while awful special effects abound all around him or her. The only remotely good factor is the creature, which does look like an experiment gone wrong and has some interesting animations. Too bad it's ruined by its questionable stealth capabilities, able to sneak behind people in cramp rooms despite being monstrously obese, and it spends the majority of its killing time just using its extended tongue to hook and capture people. Let it sink.


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