Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trailer Review - X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past
1st Trailer
Watch It Here

Person of Interest: The cast of the original X-Men trilogy and X-Men: First Class converge, plus Peter Dinklage, Bishop, and Blink.

Scene Pop: I guess the final meeting between the Professor Xs.

Briggs Breakdown: Too many concerned faces to bother counting, 3 screaming faces, 3 gangsters firing at Wolverine, 1 destroyed glass ceiling, some kind of explosion, Jennifer Lawrence capoeiraing, a claw to the back, an attempted drowning, rampant crowd turmoil, and an uncomfortable ass drag on stone.

Effective?: I don't know. Maybe?

Check it Out?: Let it build up, for now. Bryan Singer has not made a truly good film for over a decade, that film being X2, and he's coming off the heels of the disaster that was Jack the Giant Slayer. Will this be another one for him? The trailer here is too somber; it certainly does not warrant a day one ticket. Quite frankly, it looks like the interference of 20th Century Fox, plus the business drive to combat against Marvel/Disney, have taken all of the fun and inventiveness brought by Matthew Vaughn and his crew and washed it away with the depressing action tone that brought ravage to this year's summer movie season.

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