Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Horrors of October 2013 - The Invisible Maniac (#22)

The Invisible Maniac (1990)

"Die, you invisible jerk!" Fans of The Flop House movie podcast will recognize this film, both as a running joke and a consistent recommendation by the resident B-movie lover Stuart Wellington. Suffering from a haunted past of oppressive mothers and colleagues, deranged scientist Kevin Dornwinkle escapes out of the looney bin and works under an alias as a physics teacher for summer school students. Finally perfecting his dream project to create a solution that makes the user invisible, he uses it to exact his revenge on the petty teenagers, who are of course played by late twenty-year-olds. Adam Rifkin, who most will know him for his later features THE CHASE and DETROIT ROCK CITY, wrote and directed this under the pseudonym "Ric Coogan". The main problem with the movie, other than being not good, is that it spends way too much time being serious, focusing extensively on Dornwinkle's scientific journey and his slow, drawn-out, tedious monologuing. The pervs just want to get to the T&A and the cult fans want some dark humor, both of which thankfully arrive in the third act rampage. As Stuart wisely put it in many episodes, the best moments in the entire film are when a kid dies by eating a submarine sandwich and another one is taken out when Dornwinkle treats her head like Mario on a Goomba. You're best off just checking out these goofy scenes on YouTube than checking this out fully.


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