Sunday, October 20, 2013

Horrors of October 2013 - Guinea Pig 2: Flower of Flesh and Blood (#20)

Guinea Pig 2: Flower of Flesh and Blood (1985)

The GUINEA PIG film series is very high on the list of the most controversial/banned films ever made, often in the spoon position with the infamous Italian cannibal films. Its second film, FLOWER OF FLESH AND BLOOD, is the most high profile entry due to it being repeatedly singled out by the media, first during the investigation of a Japanese serial killer at the height of its popularity on video and later coming to the attention of American news outlets when actor Charlie Sheen freaked out after viewing it and called the feds. The main reason for this grave concern is pretty easy to spot: it looks and feels like a snuff film, albeit with shot-on-video aesthetics. In the context of its "story", FLOWER is a recreation of a collection of evidence supposedly given to its director (cartoonist Hideshi Hino) by a deranged fan. It consists of a maniac who abducts a woman, shoots her up with ecstasy, and then slowly rips her body apart. The movie certifiably has the most bloody disgusting gore ever assembled for simulated horror; the details in the eviscerated muscles, bones and inners are horrifically astonishing. While good gore may help recommend a film, that's not the case for this one. Simply put, you're just watching 43 minutes of a psycho butcher sadistically chopping up an innocent. There's nothing else to the material, no plot to speak of. It's the most obvious case of an one-and-done type movie. Only suited for those that desire to test their might or want an alternative to ipecac.


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