Saturday, October 26, 2013

Horrors of October 2013 - Frankenstein (1910) (#26)

Frankenstein (1910)

Let's talk about one of the very first horror films ever created which didn't involve any incoming trains. 1910's FRANKENSTEIN, produced by Thomas Edison's movie studio, was the earliest adaptation of the Mary Shelley novel and also the initial movie to add their own plot ideas to poor results. The Creature doesn't follow the popular theory of being made up of stolen human remains but is instead literally brewed up in a giant cauldron. The creation process is the true highlight; if you've seen the bloody resurrection of Frank Cotton in HELLRAISER, this is exactly like that scene but with one arm constantly acknowledging the audience. The Creature also has an odd design, looking more like a cross between a troll and a hunchback. As with all of the first works of cinema, you've got the usual problems, namely the terrible theatrical acting and the unfortunate film deterioration. However, the ending is the real sour note, forgoing a wintery journey for revenge and going with the alternative finale of mirror play. Despite my modern thinking and criticism, the film is extremely impressive for its time and deserves to be checked out.


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